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Api Technology offer you a business to business service in the Web, Android, Networking, ICT and Electronics Hardware platform. We are a dominant technology provider of Internet Of Things, Electronics & Communication, and Security Technologies for critical and high-reliability applications. Markets span government, non-government, medical/industrial and communica-tions/consumer.

OUR PHILOSOPHY : Let's Grow With Technology Together
We are engaged in the following activities:
  • IP/HD/Analog/Wireless CCTV
  • Fire resistance system
  • Intercom/Radio Systems
  • Optical Fiber/Wired/Wireless Networking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Time Attendance, Access Control
  • Internet of Things(IOT) & Automation
  • EPABX/KTS & Phones
  • Web and Android Apps Design

Our Vision

Api Technologies, in its many years of work, pays special attention to professionalism of business, quality and reliability of equipment with the purpose of greater satisfaction of clients in designing, installing and servicing the system of technical protection of persons and property.

The team of professional and competent engineers - designers and technicians - servicers guarantees professionally done work and customer satisfaction. Any constructive customer feedback is welcomed, improving the level of service and job execution.

Our Valued Clients

API Technology offer you a business to business service in the Web, Mobile, Networking, ICT and Electronics Hardware platform.

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  • Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • 01-4472774
  • info@apitech.com.np

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